vacuum chamber for crystal growing systems

Vacuum furnaces for crystal growing systems / Made from high-grade stainless steel

Vacuum tight chambers with mirror-polished inner surfaces made from high-grade stainless steel are required for crystal growing processes at high temperature in semiconductor industry. Any metal contami­nation sources to the melt and growing crystal are reduced to an absolute minimum level by the optimized material selection, manufacturing procedures, and chamber cooling effectiveness. All chamber parts are double-walled for water-cooling. For CZ growth of a silicon crystal e.g., the required silicon is melted in the process chamber at 1450°C.



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Main technical features:

A typical CZ water cooled process chamber consists of a set of components:
bottom chamber, furnace chamber, gate valve chamber and receiving chamber.

Vacuum and functional flanges, electrical feedthroughs and sight ports are adapted to the chambers according specification.

Inner diameter: Up to 1.350 mm
Inner height: Approx. 2.215 mm
Material: High quality stainless steel
Inner surface: Rz ≤ 2,5



Application areas

The vacuum furnaces are mainly used for following systems:

  • Czochralski method (CZ)
  • Float Zone method (FZ)
  • High-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition (HTCVD)
  • Vertical Gradient Freeze method (VGF)

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