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We are a medium-sized, fast and dynamic company. Our well-organized internal structure allows us to quickly manufacture various types of products with measures ranging from a few centimeters to 4.5m in diameter.

Our company is solid and our work team consists of specialized and experienced personnel. We give careful consideration to the customer's needs, right from the formulation of a cost estimate to the execution of the project, up to the delivery within the required time-frames. These 3 aspects make PVA Italy a preferred manufacturing partner for many of our long-time and new customers.

Over 30 years of experience in the metalworking sector have made PVA Italy a supplier with a deep, dependable know-how for the design and construction of pressure tanks, vacuum chambers, reactors, exchangers and other high-tech products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.



Our company - renamed PVA Italy in 2019 - was founded in 1985 in Schio, an area with a rich tradition of manufacturing excellence. Its headquarters occupy about 6000 square meters in San Vito di Leguzzano. Since the mid-nineties, our company has grown steadily with excellent results, thus consolidating its presence in Italy and eventually expanding into foreign markets. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the focus on processing of stainless steels, PVA Italy has established itself as a leader in 2 specific production sectors:

  • Pressure vessels or the construction of pressure equipment for x chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Vacuum equipment and vacuum chambers for the pharmaceutical, energy, research & development sectors

A company wide focus on flexibility and versatility - which relies on the skill and competence of our technical and manufacturing team - translates into the capability to offer solutions to the needs and emergencies of the customer. For projects that require a more comprehensive design and manufacturing supervision, PVA Italy can count on a team of qualified partners for mechanical processing and surface finishing.



In a time of growing global economy, being able to offer a quality service has become a central requirement to achieve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. PVA Italy provides a complete range of products and processes that has evolved over the years and is able to successfully build single plant components and complex turn-key industrial solutions.

Our goal is to meet all customer needs by ensuring quality products, delivered in the shortest possible time, at competitive prices. We have optimized our working methods to ensure that all stages of the production process are tightly integrated. Each full-system or single-component equipment order is assigned to a specific work group that manages all aspects of the entire production, from design to final delivery.


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