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In the pharmaceutical industry strict quality and hygiene controls are of major importance to avoid any contamination. The main advantages are easy cleaning and corrosion resistance, even at elevated pressures and temperatures.

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Due to the specific purity requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, PVA Italy manufactures its vessels using only high-alloy stainless steels. These materials require the most exacting welding and grinding techniques.

During the production process, all vessels are exposed to a strict quality control to ensure the integrity, long life and reliability of the vessels.

The welders from PVA Italy are experienced in TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) as well as in MAG welding (Metal Active Gas). The surfaces of the vessels are ground and polished. If required, they are also electro-polished. The whole production flow and the quality requirements are in accordance to the current GMP-/ FDA-standards.

Thanks to its fast and dynamic structure, PVA Italy can swiftly turn out various types of products and systems for pharmaceutical industrial applications: centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum turbo-emulsifiers, vacuum chambers for pharmaceutical freeze-drying.

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