Movie: Diffusion bonding as an outstanding joining technology


Diffusion bonding allows metal parts to be joined without the use of filler materials. With the help of a close contact between the partners to be joined and a high temperature, the grain growth between the components is stimulated, thus creating a joint-free connection.

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The video shows the principle and function of diffusion bonding and demonstrates the advantages of a PVA TePla furnace.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Very high strengths, which come close to the strength of the base material
  • Joints are not visible macro- and microscopically: one component is created
  • No selective corrosion attack at the joint
  • Large area connections with low material distortion can be realized
  • Metallically bright components after the joining process
  • Various material composites possible (e.g. copper to tungsten)
  • No liquid phase during the entire joining process

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